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Default Slightly modifying a hoop....

Ok, I know with the title of the thread, Im setting myself up for a run through a gauntlet, but here goes:

I had to get a new snare side hoop for my Sonor Phonic snare. I got it last night, and brought it home, test fitted it on the drum, and it fit! Yay! Then I started putting the tuning screws in....they did not fit. The holes in the hoop are too small. I plan on bringing it back today with a couple of screws to run through a couple of different hoops that my shop has to see if any of them are different. Ok, now brace yourselves:

Worst case scenario: all of the hoops have the same diameter holes, and my tuning screws wont fit any of them. Next step is buying a round chainsaw file, and filing the holes round and bigger to fit my screws. Is this a completely bad idea? I know its just the holes, but I dont know if it will have any sort of adverse effect on the hoop itself. I know everyone is going to tell me its a bad idea, but its much better than drilling them out on a drill press, which also ran through my head. I figured the filing was less stress and pressure on the hoop, and less chance of injury to myself or the hoop. Anybody ever run into this? What did you do? thanks, and be gentle! lol

Update: Nevermind! Problem solved.
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