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Default Special Order From Hell!

I sold one of my kits in mid November and the buyer paid me in cash.
I decided to go to my local large music chain store and but a few things with some of the cash that I received.
They didn't have two of the things that I needed in stock.
They didn't have a DW Rims mount for a 16 inch 8 lug tom, and they didn't have a Tama double floor tom stand.
I special ordered and paid for the two items that weren't stocked and I left the store with the rest of the gear that I had purchased.

Two weeks went by and I hadn't heard anything so I called the sales associate.
He said that he would check on the order and call me back.
In the meantime I went on the net and I found several sites that had the Tama floor tom stand and the 16 inch Rims mount in stock.

I got a call back a few hours later and the associate said that the tom stand was ordered incorrectly and the wrong part number was given. He corrected the mistake and the stand would be in next week.
He said that he would call DW and inquire about the Rims Mount.
He called me back the next day and he said that DW told him that the 16 inch Rims mount for 8 lug toms was discontinued. (I knew that that was crap) He said that he found a Rims mount in another store and I would have it next week.

A week went by and the Tama tom stand finally came in but still no Rims mount.
It took 10 days for the Rims mount to arrive from the other store.
Today is the Tuesday after Christmas (These two items were ordered one week before Thanksgiving) He called me today and he said that the Rims mount finally arrived.
I drove through a driving rain after work and I picked up the items.
When I got home I found that all of the hardware for the Rims mount was missing.
There were no rubber grommets and no bolts to hold it together.
I called the store and the associate said that he had the parts in the store from other Rims mounts.
I had to drive 15 miles back to the store in the driving rain and watch them cannibalize another Rims mount that was on a used kit to get the bits needed to put my mount together.

The moral of the story is, Never special order anything from a chain store!
Go online and find what you want. Make sure that it is in stock. You will have it in 4 days.

~The End~
I kind of like old drums:)
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