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Old 12-12-2011, 01:09 AM
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Default 2 tier drum rack question

A while back i got drum rack (gibraltar) and lately ive been thinking about making it a 2 tier so that i can suspend my cymbals. Im not looking to do anything too crazy, just a second tier to hang cymbals, ect. on.
i have currently
2- curved 48" bars
2-36" straight bars (the legs)
1- 24" side wing bar

what kind of clamps would i be looking at having to use? Any idea on the pipes? Also an estimated price range? Thanks!
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Old 12-23-2011, 11:22 PM
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Default Re: 2 tier drum rack question

With your 36" uprights, you're going to need two more straight bars to use as extensions, because you need more height for the second bar. You'll want adjustable angle clamps to connect those extensions to your uprights. Then you need two more right angle clamps to mount the 2nd curved bar to those extensions.

Look at the pics I posted in the link below, for ideas. The first one shows a 3-tiered rack. My uprights are 48" and the extensions are 24", so you might need 36" extensions, depending on how high you want your cymbals. Later in the series of pics are a two-tier setup, and also a different two-tiered setup using 12" extension bars. Look carefully at each of the multi-tier setups. You'll notice in the first couple of shots that the extensions are mounted in front of the uprights, and angled back toward me. In later two-tier setups with the 12" extensions, the extensions are straight up and down, like the uprights, but they are positioned offset, closer to me. My current setup has those same two extensions positioned directly in line with the uprights. You will want as much flexibility as possible, so you can find that perfect configuration which is why I suggested adjustable angle clamps, and not fixed. And, as you can see, over time it is entirely possible you might want to change things from time to time. ;-)

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