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Old 11-16-2011, 03:18 AM
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Default Drumheads w/ boosted midrange tones

I have a pearl masters studio (6 ply x7.5mm). After recently coming across an old thread I read that black suede ambassadors are perfect for these drums. They enhance the midrange tones and that fills out the drum's sound. Anybody have any experience with this combo on the birch drums? Do you know of any other drumheads w/ boosted midrange?
Also, in general do you try to match your drums sound characteristics to the drumhead you pick, as in, people with maple or mahagony drums do you use drumheads with more high end to round out the sound?
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Old 12-12-2011, 11:43 PM
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Default Re: Drumheads w/ boosted midrange tones

Hi! I dont have the pearl masters but i do have some experience on them, as well as owning a birch set. From my experience, a couple of heads might fit the sound your looking for.
By mid range i assume you mean you want a balance inbetween high and low, so my vote for that would be Remo ambassador x. Personally i dont like to "round off" drums though, i like to really tap into the high points they have. With birch drums you can get a really nice attack if you use heads that support a high attack, so my personal choice is remo clear pinstripes or clear emperors, though if your looking for a head with all sorts of attack and low end aquarian performance II and studio x heads are usually a pretty good choice.
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