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Old 12-11-2011, 01:03 PM
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Default Problem with my 3 year old Gibraltar Avenger 6611DB

I got my first drum kit along with gibraltar avenger 6611 double pedals approx 3 years ago. honestly i cant recall how the feel of it was in the beginning but for the past couple of months my pedals feel very crappy. I feel that the tension(or something else?) is uneven and it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to play straight 16 notes for more than a few seconds.
When i gig or jam it is rather easy for me to play fast and constant though (though it's really tiring to play stuff like Raining Blood at over 210bpm)! So i'm quite sure it isnt my playing technique.
I've tried adjusting beater height, pedal height(?), spring tension and also changing to new springs.
I've been playing for about 4 years i think but i'm really really bad when it comes to the hardware/technical stuffs (my drums sound like crap!) . Is it typical wear and tear that i should get a new set of pedals?
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Default Re: Problem with my 3 year old Gibraltar Avenger 6611DB

I have the avenger 2 single pedal (plan on getting the doubles). I got mine as a used floor model because it came with my set (which was also a used floor model). I have the tension on mine all the way up, and I had the same problem. Sometimes I could play really good and fast, and other times it wouldn't hardly rebound. Here is what I have figured out: Check to see were the pedal is in relation to you. What I have found for me is the farther the pedal is away from me, the less rebound I get. The closer it is to being underneath me the better it performs. It maybe different for you, just experiment with it and see what you like.

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Default Re: Problem with my 3 year old Gibraltar Avenger 6611DB

that's not a bad pedal, its probably more about your technique, however direct drive, or pedals that cost $1000+ will help slightly, but its more about your technique.
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