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Default In-Ears Live

Hey everyone I just got the Shure P4HW body pack receiver for monitoring at my live gigs, but I have a question. In some time I am going to want to add a click track and or backing tracks to go along with it. The click would be for me and the backing tracks would be coming out of the FOH speakers. Is there a way for me to have the signal on an ipod and send it to the house while having it in my ears also? The Shure bodypack goes straight to the snake so I really need an idea haha.
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Default Re: In-Ears Live

You have 2 lines to the body pack that you can mix independently right on your pack so you should be able to split the signal and send one to the board and one to your self, or send it to the board and have the tech run it thru a channel and have it sent back in your mix as well as the backing tracks. Most times I have mine set up that one channel of my pack is getting the FOH signal and the other channel is just my vocals but the sound tech could add anything that is at the board to this channel if i wanted him to. Hope this helps.
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