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Default Good deals on hardware

Hey everybody. I'm looking into getting a drum set again after not having one for about 5 or 6 years. Somehow without having one I still have some good talent when I only play it during school for band. Our old drum set which is a Yamaha DP series is just sitting the back with some scratches and dents. So after talking to me teacher I decided I would buy it from him since he said he was gonna give me a great deal on it.

So the real question is comes now. I just ordered some starter Meinl cymbals because they were pretty cheap and I don't need great sounding cymbals when Im playing in my basement for fun. So Im gonna get a hardware pack from either guitar center, musicians friend, or any other music website like that. I'm wondering where I can get the best deal on that and whether or not Ill get a better deal if I buy on black friday or cyber monday. I'm also looking into getting a double bass pedal. I got my cymbals in today and for the price they aren't bad. For my hardware Im looking at getting the hole hi-hat stand, snare stand, and hopefully 2 cymbal stands since I already have a throne and Im getting a different pedal. So if anybody has any good suggestions let me know.

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