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Default yet another set advice question?

Greetings, first post :)

K, so spent some time reading through the posts here and didn't see anything that directly answered my question so wanted to throw this out there to pick the brains of those with experience in the current world of electronic drums.

First, about me -- I started out on the drums in the late 60's (age 9), took lessons for 2-3 years, traded my small Slingerland set for an awesome set of Pearl's (with roto-toms!), played in various rock bands in the late 70's, gave up drums in the early 80's and switched to guitar which is where I have been since, until a year ago when I needed drums for a home recording project. Bought a cheap Yamaha DTXExpress set off Craig's List and was totally sucked back into drumming again in a matter of a few weeks. Used it for recording tracks at home, wound up using it in church and am really enjoying playing it there. So, would like to permanently assign the DTXExpress set to church and aquire another set for myself for use at home, upgrading in the process.

There is a lot I like about the little DTXExpress set, great sounds, easy to set up, fairly good stick feedback and it grows on you pretty quick. What I didn't like about it and am looking to correct with my next set is the following:

1.) Lack of sensitivity on the snare (rolls are extremely difficult if not impossible).
2.) Inability to do rims and shots
3.) Lack of multiple zones on cymbals
4.) No center bell zone on cymbals
5.) No ability to choke a ringing cymbal
6.) Only one crash (need two, left and right of ride)

Plus some other misc. complaints (lightweight frame, etc.)

So, shopping for a NEW set, one that will last me for the nxt 5-6 years at least and corrects all the above. FYI, I am pretty much sold on Yamaha, might consider Roland (I think Roland kits are over priced), Simmons definitely not. My budget us around $2-3K.

So far, I have distilled my search down to two contenders:

1.) DTX750K Electronic Drum Set

2.) Yamaha DTXIII 900 XL Electronic Drum Set

I would like to get any thoughts/comparisons/contrasts about these two kits and/or recommendations for alternatives. I am still learning about the current e-drum tech and understand there is some benefit to "mesh" heads; snare sensitivity, likeness to a "real" snare is very important to me and I have a preference for any sets that offer that as an option (price/budget permitting).

Thanks for any feedback and I hope to be following up with you all as I get further down the road to re-discovering something I used to love and will again :)
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