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I see so many come to the e-kit threads with the same problem...need a way to keep playing,without disturbing the neighbors.So why isnt there any communities set up for musicians?A zone where there is a clear understanding that you're moving into an area where a drummer may start up at any time...well at least from 9 in the morning till about 11 at night.
Even just a single apartment complex.Instead of having storage beneath,you have rehearsal rooms where you and others can jam or practice.

The property owner would have a devoted tenant base,most likely with a waiting list to get in.Prompting others to see its popularity and start up similar communities.Tenants would have a tight knit sense of unity with each other.
One end of the building could be aimed at the more acoustic crowd,as in acoustic guitar,piano and so on.Another end aimed at the louder acoustic kits and amped instruments.You could have a lounge where people could talk music.Imagine...whatever mood you were in,you could walk down the hall and find someone who was into the same thing.You want to get some jazz practice in,even though you're a metal player?Its nothing more than a walk down the hall.

Imagine your neighbors no longer holding the phone to call the cops,but instead stopping to listen to your technique.

I am going to call Trump and pitch it.
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