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Old 08-05-2011, 05:33 PM
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Default How to mic a drum kit?

What do you plug the mics into? I have no idea where to start here.. I bought an Apex drum mic pack now I need to buy whatever else.. I probably should of asked before I purchased them..
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Default Re: How to mic a drum kit?

Wow. This could take a while.


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Old 08-29-2011, 10:59 AM
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Default Re: How to mic a drum kit?

Am I correct in saying the 3 things you need are the following

1.Mic Set


3.Music software such as Garageband
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Old 09-02-2011, 06:52 PM
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Default Re: How to mic a drum kit?

Let me save you Hours of Research and Absolute frustration (Personal experience from about 6 months ago). I will break it down to the simplest way possible....

First you need mics which obviously you have.

Then, those mics HAVE to go into something called "Mic Preamps".

Then, if you are going to Record on your computer as opposed to tape, you HAVE to have something that will transfer this Analogue signal INTO a Digital signal. These are called "Audio / Digital Converters" or "A/D Converters".

Then you HAVE to have a "Audio Interface". It will "Interface" the A/D converter TO the computer. Think of it as an Super High quality External sound card.

(More info on that, Audio Interfaces are special soundcards made for real-time (or at least low latency) multichannel sound recording and playback, including studio-grade fidelity. They have multiple input and output connectors, more channels, as well as higher sampling rates and sound quality as compared to the usual consumer soundcard. If you are recording, Audio interfaces are a MUST)

You also HAVE to have a Recording program or "DAW" (Digital audio workstation).

Sounds like alot? Don't worry. There is a solution. Instead of Buying ALL of these separately, and the time and space it will take up, and expensive cost, why not get something that has ALL off this?

After hours and hours and hours of research, I decided on this and could not be happier. I wanted something very cheap, but something With studio grade components, and that will last.

It also comes with a Recording program or "DAW" (Cubase LE 5 to be exact). 8 (wow) GREAT sounding Mic Preamps and great monitoring system. And can be had for about $279....


Believe me, it's worth every penny.
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