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Old 08-29-2011, 06:33 AM
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Default 16'' Single-headed kick

I just converted an old 16'' floor tom to a kick. Only has one rim, and I don't want to sink much cash into this. What type of head, or specific head and tuning would you personally choose for this drum? I'm thinking more on the portable/busking angle rather than an effect for the kit.
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Default Re: 16'' Single-headed kick

Check our "Franks" Sonor Safari in his thread.
Frank went without reso's on the whole kit.

I would use a Remo PS3 with a small pillow or whatever for dampening.
An Aquarian Performance II is also a good choice. It is 2 ply.

If you have the lugs for the drum you can buy a hoop and some tension rods for about $30.
I kind of like old drums:)

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Default Re: 16'' Single-headed kick

Try the Evans EC2S and tune it up to the point where the drum really resonates sympathetically. You'll definitely want to keep the beater off of the head after impact in order to get the fullest sound. If the overtones are still a bit too much, try rolling up a hand towel and putting inside the drum, against the head.

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