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Default Coated Ambassadors drier recently? - UK

Hey there, how are we all?

I've been using the Remo Fiberskyn III in Ambassador weight for nai on a year now and just for a change decided to put on a regular Coated Ambassador.

Over the years I've found the spot that I like to tune to and I always tune my snare in this way, a medium-tight kind of a range I guess. I've noticed with the regular Amb that I've put on that it seems to really dry out the drum, drier in fact than the FS, which to me was a lot more livley and toneful...slightly odd seen as I've heard from many sources that the FS's are drier than the regulars. I've used regular Ambassador since I've been playing almost (around ten years) and it's only the last couple that seem to have the same problem; excessivley drying out the snare. I'm now beggining to wonder if something has changed in the last couple of years in the way that Remo makes these heads, or if it's just a bad batch that are in the U.K. at the mo and if anyone else has noticed them getting drier?

I've used the same heads and the same tuning for years so I'm pretty sure I can eliminate that. The reso is replaced every three or four months as well just to keep it livley so I don't think it's that either and I replace the snare wires as they start to dry out too. The snare is a Premier Artist Brass 14"x6.5" by the way.

Can anyone shed some light?

Hope everyone is well,

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