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Old 08-15-2011, 03:28 PM
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Default Pearl eliminator double pedal

Hey there! Erm I need advice on something. I am a drummer obviously and I am starting my third year of drumming (Which is really not long obviously). The story is very long so I will make it short and it may seem very stupid so only serious answers please and no trolling:
A few weeks ago I went to a music store to buy sticks and check out the store. I first somehow (Really long story) Bought a 18" twenty paiste china cymbal that I didn't like, Then I gave it back to the store and somehow got out with a pearl demon drive single pedal (It's not the best pedal ever, It's one of the finest and it's just another pedal) And I picked it out of rush. Then I went back to the store to give it back because I had enough with this impulse buying. Then I wanted to tell the seller that I want to get the money on credit on the store but then my dad suggested me a Pearl eliminator double pedal, I tried it out and it was a really good pedal! Totally awesome pedal really enjoyed playing with it in the store and then I walked out with it and My father signed a contract that I CAN NEVER give the pedal back. And I want to ask, Did I make a mistake? Is it too soon for me? Thanks for reading, your time and Help! :)
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Default Re: Pearl eliminator double pedal

Aww dude! Ive also got the Pearl Eliminator doubles. I dont know how anyone could possibly think they made a mistake buying them, i find them pretty amazing, they are sooo smooth and you are easily able to shift between single pedal to double and longboard to shortboard, not to mention the fact they look awesome, they are most definately up there with axis longboards and dont look as fugly! :D

You are incredibly lucky your dad bought you such great pedals and is trying to make sure you cant take them back? why would you ever want to take them back?! Do you have another pedal you would prefer for some reason?
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Default Re: Pearl eliminator double pedal

I love my Eliminators (3).
With the different cams, there's NO reason you can't tailor the thing EASILY to how you want it to feel. Especially as you progress.
One thing I will add, if you want a stronger feel at some point, a DW heavy duty spring works great.
Otherwise, you (& your Dad) made a good choice with the pedal IMO.

Not such a big fan of the Demon Drive either.

With the "contract", the store was probably just saving themselves from the hassle. I think it's kind of funny actually :-), but after 3 returns, you kinda see their point. They have to sell the stuff as used now.
You'll still be covered under product warranty should something happen. I've had 2 Eliminators more than 5 years, & one is about 3yrs. No problems under a strong foot, so you're probably fine anyway.

Good decision, so don't worry about second guessing yourself--Have fun and play!
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