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Old 07-29-2011, 11:01 AM
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Default Observations

I've just taken off my toms - coated G2 batters and coated G1 resos
And replaced with - clear Pinstripe batters and clear Ambassador resos.

The G2s and G1s I tuned with a slight pitch bend down, however I've found that a pitch bend down on the Pinstripes and Ambassadors kills the resonance. I'm guessing it's because the Pinstripes are pre-dampened, so I'm tuning the batter and reso to the same pitch.

Anyone else found this with pre-dampened skins? I really dislike that BAOW sound, sounds out of tune to me even though I've seen pros do tuning vids saying what a great sound it is. I much prefer a gentle pitch bend and sound decay, like BOWW. Technical terms eh!
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Old 07-29-2011, 01:03 PM
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Default Re: Observations

The important thing with Pinstripes is to make sure they stay in tune with themselves. You may have to tap around the edges quite often and get all the points sounding the same. Only then will you get the proper sound. They sound like old oil cans when they go out of whack.
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Old 07-29-2011, 06:57 PM
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Default Re: Observations

If you want more of an open and gradual pitch bend, I'd recommend sticking with an unmuffled head like the G2 but tuning the reso up to just about the same pitch.
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Old 07-29-2011, 08:29 PM
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Default Re: Observations

Yea, thick muffled heads like pinstripes will kill your pitch bend.
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