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Old 07-23-2011, 04:37 AM
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Default Need help with personal mixer with IEM

Hey everyone I'm new to the forum and would appreciate any help I can get. I'm looking to set up and run a personal monitoring system with In-ears and possibly a click track. Ive see people say they've run with a small mixer from the house send? and then to the in ears I believe. I'm just not totally sure how to set up and or run this. The gear I would use would be a small mixer such as the Mackie 402-VLZ3 4-Channel Ultra Compact Mixer a Tama rhythm watch, and or an ipod. Any help on how to set this up at a gig is appreciated thanks!
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Old 07-27-2011, 11:08 AM
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Default Re: Need help with personal mixer with IEM

I use a larger Mackie 1202 for this, but depending upon how many mics you run, you can do it with just about any Mackie Mixer. FWIW, I run my mics into the Mackie first, then send them the drums via a MONITOR signal. I do this so that I can send them one volume, and am able to turn my main drums volume up without affecting the signal I send them if I want to hear more of my drums without having to bother them. They also send me a monitor mix of everything, which I put in another channel, so I can turn my drums up and down how I like it on my end, independently from the monitor mix they send me.

My laptop contains a click and track. Click is the left channel, track in the right. I feed into a stereo track on the mixer and pan center. So, my drums and the monitor send from the house are in left and right channels, I hear click in my left ear, and track in my right. I have independent control over the drum channel, their monitor send, and the click and track.

I've also done it where THEY have the click and track and just feed it into the monitor mix they send me, but since they send a mono signal, I hear everything both ears. But, I prefer to hear the click in only my left ear.

Lost of variations, especially if you use a Mackie mixer, because they have all kinds of options to allow you to get creative, but this should get you started.
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