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Old 05-21-2011, 04:11 AM
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Default Hoops

alrighty, so lately ive been wondering about the difference hoops make in the overall sound in drums. What kind of hoops are there? what kinds of materials are they made out of? what sound quality do the materials have? i have a joey jordison sig. snare, and if im looking to keep all the ring from the hoops that came with it (super hoop II, steel i think) but add some more pop or crack what kind of hoop would i need?
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Default Re: Hoops

To be honest, not a lot. You may be able to tell a very very minute difference when using different hoops when playing the snare by itself, however when playing with the other drums or in a band the difference will be pretty much unnoticeable to anyone except yourself, if even that. I wouldn't worry about it.

More pop or crack? Try changing out your heads and snare wires, they will have a MUCH bigger influence. For pop and crack I would recommend a controlled sound be remo, or an ST by evans. Not a big expert on snare wires, but puresound is the biggest manufacturer. Check out their site, I think they've got plenty of info on their products.
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