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Default Best Double Bass Pedal for Slave Pedal response/rebound


Currently using a Tama Iron Cobra pedal (older model before they put the extra spring underneath the pedal). I've been working on my foot technique (using more ankle motion and less stomping) for the last couple months because I was really unsatisfied with how slow my speed and control were. i started with just my right foot single pedal style and I've made huge strides. I started working on integrating my left foot for double bass this week, but have really started to notice a huge difference in response/rebound of the slave pedal. I know this is a general complaint with double bass pedals in general, but I was curious if anyone had any recommendations for what double pedal is the best in terms of slave pedal response rebound? I read another thread a minute ago about changing the alignment of the pedals / shortening the cross bar, so I'll try that tomorrow and see what difference it makes, but I'd be willing to buy something new if I need to. Thanks guys.
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Default Re: Best Double Bass Pedal for Slave Pedal response/rebound

Check out the Axis universal drive shaft. It will help with the slave response. Much cheaper than shelling out for a new pedal.
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