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Old 05-01-2011, 11:46 AM
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Default Need some advice

so ive been drumming for a few year and quite recently ive got involved in a band and got quite a few gigs quite quickly, most of the time i only need to take my snare and cymbals to the gigs because theres already a kit there, heres the problem, my snare sucks its a very standard snare drum, would i be better of buy a whole new snare or does buying new heads for it change it much? part of the problem is also i can get heads now for it but i would have to save a bit up to get a whole new snare wich will take longer

thanks, JimmyJazz
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Old 05-01-2011, 12:30 PM
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Default Re: Need some advice

First off, welcome to Drummerworld.
Now, more info. What make/model snare do you have, and what kind of heads do you have on it?
Indeed, new heads are probably a big step in the right direction. Some cats I know, change their snare head for every gig, or every "other" gig. Some guys change snare heads about every 6 months. Some cats I know re-head their whole kits once a year.
If you've been playing a few years, and still have the stock heads on your snare, it's way overdue for a head change.
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Default Re: Need some advice

90% of the time, snare's sound bad because they aren't set up right. You can spend about $50 on getting your snare sounding alot better! But choosing the right heads can be an issue. If you like a wide open snare with lots of overtones, go with a G1 or G2. EC Reverse Dot gives a little more control, but my choice is either the Genera HD / Dry - Kills all over tones with no muffling required. Couple that with a Hazy 300 or something of the sort. The biggest problem is getting good snare wires and fitting them correctly. Im sure a music store can help you with this. Find some samples on YouTube of snare drums you like, then go and buy the same heads... This is my opinion... You don't have to take my advice. One thing we can all agree on is you really want to get the snare drum right - It's your own signature sound! Do plenty of research too!! But here is what I would get:

Evans HD Dry
Evans Hazy 300
PureSound snare wires (what ever number of snare wires, depends on your snare size)

...Obviously failing that, go and buy a new snare. I have just purchased a Mapex Black Panther 3mm Steel snare. That this is LOUD LOUD LOUD and its has loads of cut...
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