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Default Annoying Pearl Double Pedal

Alright, unfortunately, I don't have any pictures. But on my Pearl P-902 double bass pedal it has this tendency to suddenly go from nice and tight, to as if there were hardly any spring at all there. The first time this happened I did not notice it, but when a friend tried it we discovered the issue. There was this tiny little screw that came loose that apparently kept the pedal tight when the spring was tightened. I was just wondering why does this **** screw keep coming loose, this is probably the third time within two weeks that I've had to redo it.
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Default Re: Annoying Pearl Double Pedal

Ever worked out how many times you hit that pedal in the course of a session? That's the reason it is working loose. It's the constant movement and vibration that does it and this is always a problem for drummers. Hi-hat clutches are a particular menace.

Maybe the screw was not tightened enough at the factory, but once it has worked loose a few times it damages the thread a little and so it will continue to work loose. Ideally you should replace it but it is likely to be hard to get.

There is a cure. Go to an automobile spares dealer and ask for some liquid nut locking compound. This is used by motor engineers to keep nuts and bolts together against all odds. It works very well for high stress fastenings as it sort of sticks it together. Comes apart again if necessary!

The one I use is called Loctite but there are others. What you do is remove the screw and clean it thoroughly. Some nut locking fluids have a primer but others you just apply one drip and then do it up tight as usual. Don't overdo it. Leave as long as possible, at least over night to harden. That should fix it.

It's also handy for fixing loose snare lugs and hi-hat clutches, anything that tends to come undone. Avoids collapsing cymbal stands!
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Default Re: Annoying Pearl Double Pedal

Though I cant answer your question why, I do have a probable solution (thanks to this great site). There is a product called or made by locktite.. you apply to the threads and screw it in, let it sit awhile to dry and it will keep it from backing out...watch there are 2 types red and blue I believe, I use the less stronger one (red I think it is) on the lugs for a vintage Pearl snare I have...it works real good..the blue may cause a more permanent bond that will make it very difficult to take it out (of course you may want to go with the more permenent route..it is available in most if not all hardware stores, home depots...ect..good luck..
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Old 02-05-2011, 07:43 PM
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Default Re: Annoying Pearl Double Pedal

Blue Loctite is the weaker stuff, red loctite is pretty much a permanent bondm, which you wont want lol
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Default Re: Annoying Pearl Double Pedal

I for got to tell you in person, but I think it's just that it's wearing down. You might want to look into a new part or maybe a new pedal. I could look at it again and see what could be done.
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Default Re: Annoying Pearl Double Pedal

There are 3 types of loctite actually.

blue-lowest strength, will keep the screw in there but will come out easily with a screwdriver or allen wrench

red- medium strength, this stuff holds the screw tighter and usually requires you to heat it up with a lighter or torch and then use a screwdriver to remove it.

green- high strength. this stuff never lets the screw come out. You will break your tools before this lets loose. This is also very hard to find and im pretty sure they only sell it to industrial companies.

You want to use the blue for this type of situation
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Default Re: Annoying Pearl Double Pedal

is it this


or where the other end connects to the shaft?

it is a real good idea to check all the screws after a few days of intense playing/practicing, with anything mechanical its good to practice preventative maintenance.
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