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Default 13 x 6.5 steel snare heads

There's no need to reply to this thread, (unless you want to), as I thought I'd just make it, and maybe some day, someone that has bought a 13 x 6.5 steel snare and looking for advice on head choices will chance upon it. I am making this thread specific to 13 x 6.5 steel snares because it is what I have, (Tama Metalworks), and it is the same metal and dimensions as the Joey Jordison signature snare which is a popular drum.

I have tried 5 skins this drum:
Evans G1
Remo Powerstroke 3
Evans G2 clear
Evans Power Centre
Evans HD

The G1 was quite sharp, an average amount of attack and very overtoney on rim shots and off centre hits. The sharpness of the steel came through.

The Powerstroke 3 compared to the G1 took away the overtones to a large extent which seemingly made the attack greater, it quietened down the drum to a fraction.

The Evans G2 clear was bright, crisp and overtoney. It was more sensitive than a coated head and maybe slightly louder. Compared to a coated head "less muffled" would be a convenient term as the drum sounded larger and emptier.

The Evans Power Centre compared to the G1 dulls overtones slightly in the centre, but overtones remain similar off centre. It has greater attack and durability than the G1 and gives a better sense of the depth of the drum and makes it sound "more beefy".

The HD sounded and felt leathery. Compared to the Power Centre it is quieter and overtones are virtually non existant - even off centre. It seemed to reduce the depth of the drum because it is a heavy head.

Opinions on what drum heads to choose seem a little redundant now that Evans has sound clips of all their skins: http://www.evansdrumheads.com/EvansPlayerProfiles.Page nevertheless, hearing it from the horses mouth can only aid the owner of a 13 x 6.5 steel snare...

My favourite head for this drum is the Power Centre because it's a 1 ply head that allows the body of the drum to come through and it excentuates the depth of the drum. I would advise on checking out the Evans sound clips as I feel they reflected how the skins worked on my drum.

For each of the skins I went for the same medium/tight tuning with batter head about 1/8 to 1/4 higher pitched than the reso. It's my opinion that having the reso 1/8 to 1/4 looser than the batter increases the body of the drum without loosing the sharpness/crack.
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