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Old 04-05-2011, 02:33 PM
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Default heads for recording in a small room

Whats up DW,

This is the situation:
Small room 9.5 x 10 x 8;
Drums: DW Collector's, maple with reinforcement.. 10, 14, 16 & 22
Heads: Coated ambassadors x with clear dw stock on toms, PS3 with DW stock ported on kick, powerstroke x with dw stock on the snare.
I have two moongels on each floor tom.
I tune my 10 tom medium and floors low.
Room has carpet on the floor, thick curtains with extra layer for blocking the sun glair (helps with sound absorbtion too hopefully)
No extra acoustic treatments. Btw, this is my dedicated drum practice & recording room.

I want to start recording drums, but they are very ringy, when I hit the kick, 10 tom starts ringing. Floor toms rumble too much and cant hear clear projection between the two floor toms.

If I buy a new set of heads (Evans EC2, EC reso on toms or Aquarian Super 2 with x ring) will this minimize the tom ringing, or do I need to treat the room?
I would like a more focused and clear sound.

Please advice & thanks for the great forum!

Greetings from Aruba!

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Old 04-06-2011, 06:10 PM
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Default Re: heads for recording in a small room

Have you tried playing around with the tuning? If you go super 2's be prepared to tune your drums higher, there is only so low you can tune the super 2's (at least in my experience) I'm using them now they are great heads, nice and focused without being dead. another thing to consider is your drum kit. Is that dw considered a focused kit for recording or are the shells thin and ring out? Maybe that could be the problem. Don't get me wrong its a beautiful kit but maybe not the best kit for recording.
Maybe someone else could pitch in here. good luck on your journey.

I just noticed your from Aruba, I was down there a couple of years ago at the occidental resort/hotel, I met the drummer in the casino lounge the band was great btw. He also mentioned he worked for the post office during the day and gave me a free cd of his band. would that be you?
He was playing a black yamaha maple custom at the time. cheers.

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Old 04-07-2011, 07:54 AM
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Default Re: heads for recording in a small room

The Evans or Remo rings might just do the trick? Plus they're inexpensive and removable
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