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Default drum refurbishment

As promised in this thread, here are pictures (several years old now) of the restoration project I got myself into after Hurricane Katrina decided to submerge my kit for weeks.

Got my work cut out for me:

As I mentioned before, I had upholstered my kit after the first flood it was in. Here is a before and after.

As you can imagine, rust covered virtually 90% of the hardware. Here is what they looked like after I removed the rust. I left a rusty one in to contrast.

The completely refinished toms:

Starting to come together. Even the cat is interested.

A rear view of the set completed. yes I'm aware of the massive chunk taken out of my crash. You should see it now!

These are only a smidgeon of the pics I have of the project. However, the pics were taken with a very crappy point and shoot digital camera and thus all quality is gone. I had also bought all new heads for it, which isn't really reflected in the pictures.

I will definitely post pics of my PDP X7 when it arrives this weekend.
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Old 04-06-2011, 08:12 PM
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Default Re: drum refurbishment

Ohio's floods are NO comparison to what you went through.. but im getting wood.. to make a riser for my sets to sit on. Its nerve wrecking to see your basement flooded.. and your sets sitting in the water. SO im definitely making a nice elevation :D
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