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Default Another head thread...mixing birch & maple

Can y'all help an old guy out? The heads on my kit are a few years old now, and the drums just don't sing like they used to. The kick is fine (18x22 with Aquarian SK front & back) The toms are a little rough, though:
12" - Coated Ambassador w/ factory Res.
16" - Coated Emperor w/ factory Res.

They seem just a bit dead, but I don't want to go as bright as clear heads. I also play brushes a bit, so I want to keep the coating. What about these new Suede heads? Would they brighten things up a little, but still keep the sound "thick"?

On to the snare:
DW 10 & 6 Collectors 5 x 14 Maple

The drum still has an amazing "crack", but it's lost its sensitivity when playing lightly. It currently wears a Coated Ambassador batter and a Hazy SS.

The shells (besides the snare) are PDP Birch, and the kick is virgin. Here are some pics (sorry these are cell pics from about a year ago.) The drums are currently in cases in a spare bedroom, but I'll be setting them up @ church this Saturday and they will stay there most of the time unless I'm gigging elsewhere. I want to get them right before I set the up.

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Default Re: Another head thread...mixing birch & maple

Originally Posted by joshvibert View Post
The heads on my kit are a few years old now, and the drums just don't sing like they used to.

They seem just a bit dead....
I would say 2 year old drums heads are at least 1 year dead. Replace them all .... and suede heads are gonna be darker than just a coated head, so if you like a brighter sound, stick with coated.
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