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Default 2 new Metal Snares

I recently traded some latin percussion stuff in to my local drum shop that I never use, and spent the trade in plus some cash on these 2 new snares. Both snares were priced right around 180$ new.

The first snare is a 14x5.5 Ludwig 305 Bronze. I've heard good and bad things about the rocker line of drums/snares. I figured for under 200$ I've always wanted to own a bronze snare so what the heck. I love this drum, once I changed the reso head, stock wires, and replaced the top 1.6mm hoop with a pearl super hoop II., It's great! It came with a g1 head so didn't need to swap that to start with. I usually play monster snares that are 14x8 up to 15x12 so I can crank them up to cut yet the massive amount of air in them still has pleanty of body and fullness.It's kind of weird for me to play a more standard sized drum, but this thing slices through my doom metal bands wall of amps. The sound is great, not as klangy or ringy as a steel snare but still has a unique sound with right around the amount of volume and cut of steel drum in a similar size. For under 200 bucks with good heads this is a sweet deal, if you don't want to drop 550-600 on a usa ludwig bronze supra for a little more than 1/3 the price to have a bronze snare I'd say pick one up.

Snare two was a " semi custom" 14x3 3/4 Brass sorta piccolo. It was built by the manager of the drum department at Rainbow Guitars in Tucson, who has done some keller shelled add ons for me in the past. I have no idea where he got the shell, it's much thicker than the world max drum builder ones and it's a weird size, and I can't find any other markings on it. I haven't gotten to chat in detail about the process yet, but I'm sure I will in the next few weeks. I am not a fan of the 13x3 standard piccolo size so when I saw this was a 14, brass and since I just sold my ludwig black magic, I figured why not add a brass snare to bring my collection up to 10. It had nice USA heads and even a set of DW wires and what appears to be a pearl piccolo throw off so no need to change anything to start with. Like I said before I bought these two drums the shallowest snare I owned was a 6.5, but the more I play these two the more I dig the cut of metal. Up next to complete my snare collection and top out at 12, I'd like a copper and a good steel snare.

I posted 2 crappy shots I had to kinda crouch down at a weird angle so they look slightly tilted. They look much better in person and really shine on my chrome wrapped maple/ chrome wrapped acrylic 28-22-18-14-13-12 double bass set up.
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