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Default Uneven Head Collars

Hello everyone, first time poster long time lurker on this board.

Often I buy new remo heads and find that the collars seem uneven when i first put them down on the bearing edge. they have room to slide down on the bearing edge one way or another, thus making them really hard to seat and tune. i never have this problem with evans heads, they always fit snug and don't move around when i place them on the bearing edge. this is a shame because i really prefer the sound of remo heads but these inconsistencies make me hesitant to buy them over and over again. has anyone else had similar experiences?

my drums/hoops are not out of round or kept in extreme climate conditions. i was replacing the factory heads on a brand new kit today when i found that i had purchased another "bad' head from remo. it always seems to be 12" 2 ply heads for me. it seems like one in three or four heads i buy have this uneven collar problem.
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Default Re: Uneven Head Collars

I've never had this problem before. The only thing I have trouble with is my bass drum because the bearing edge isn't completely even. But with very careful and precise tension I don't have any problems with the sound. That and when I was in my heavy dampening phase I had the internal dampener cranked on my Ludwig Acrolite. Bent the shell by close to an 8th inch. Heads still fit and tune okay though.
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