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Default Rhythmic Analysis

Okay... so for Christmas I got a Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzer. This has improved my timing and playing immensely. I love it to death. The only problem I have now, is my feet. I've been practicing pretty hardcore with the analyzer and I've felt a notable difference in my time... however I'm worried about how I can get my feet as precise as my hands.

So... does anybody know of any good practice tools that I can use to improve my feet? Something that's more than just playing with a metronome. I want detailed analysis.
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Default Re: Rhythmic Analysis

Unless you can find a way to mount it so you can practice with your feet, you're probably going to have to stick with metronome practice. Make sure you are recording yourself and listening back.

If you use any kind of professional recording software, you can easily look at every wave peak for each hit and make sure they are lining up in perfect time. Be careful, because there is going to be a very slight time difference between what your kick drum mic picks up and what the rest of your mics on the kit pick up.

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