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Old 01-14-2011, 03:00 PM
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Default tom heads EC2v/sPOWERSTROKE4v/sANYTHING ELSE?

i am planing just now for a tom head change.

actually i use tama swingstars
so its not much a hi end drumkit

i am looking for a sound which would be bright but at the same time.. lowest ringing overtones.. and short duration.. such that the two tom notes donot interfare with bass drum or other sounds or even each other.. for instance like.. while playing a tom-bass drum triplet (TTB TTB)

also i dont want to use any O-rings or moongel stuff.. and i am going to us the same factory tama resonant head.

so which one would you guys suggest...

EC2 or powerstroke 4?

or anything else for the same matter?
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Old 01-15-2011, 04:48 AM
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Default Re: tom heads EC2v/sPOWERSTROKE4v/sANYTHING ELSE?

I prefer the remo powerstroke 4;s over the EC2'S. The PS4's are drier, with a bit shorter sustain, and less open. However the EC2'S are a bit brighter (and still have low overtones), but they have longer sustain, so it's kinda of tradeoff.
I've also heard that aquarian performance II's are very good, so you may want to check those out.
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Default Re: tom heads EC2v/sPOWERSTROKE4v/sANYTHING ELSE?

Your tom heads shouldn't interfere with the sound from your bass drum because, depending on the size of your bass drum, the is a very wide frequency differential. And with proper tuning, you can adjust the sustain of your drums and also control the overtones by having the heads in-tune with themselves. Never underestimate what proper tuning can achieve. The first thing to do is buy your drum heads for their particular sound and the type of music you play and leave the rest to tuning.

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