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Old 01-12-2011, 05:22 AM
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Default Reso heads....

I just replaced all the batter skins on my Gretsch kit and got them tuned to where they sound awesome, but im wondering if i should put up the money to switch from the stock gretsch reso heads to the GC1 clears.

The only issue im having with my toms is they resonate too much in our new practice space, i want to kill the sound a bit. I also have a whole set of barely used evans hydraulic skins, im wondering if putting those on the bottom would sound good, or if it would kill the sound completely, which is why i took them off the batter side to begin with.
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Default Re: Reso heads....

Originally Posted by Pimento View Post
but im wondering if i should put up the money to switch from the stock gretsch reso heads to the GC1 clears.
Opinion, NOT fact......but, I would......providing they are run-of-the-mill stock heads.

Not necessarily GC1's.......but I would ditch the stock heads and replace with a quality 1 ply head, if it were me.
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Default Re: Reso heads....

I usually think of replacing resonant heads when they don't resonant enough. If it was me, I would just tune the drums a bit differently. It sounds as if your drums are tuned well for playing out, but in a more confined space you're probably getting a bit more sustain than you would like to hear. Just tune one of the heads on each drum higher or lower than the other and this should lower the sustain a bit. I would not put "hydraulic" heads on your toms as resonant heads. They will completely kill the drums tone and resonance.

Tuning is responsible for about 95% of the drums sound. Heads and shells make up the other 5%.

Just my opinion,

BTW, when I first got my Gretsch Renown drums, almost two years ago now, they had thinninsh 7mil single ply heads for the tom's resonant heads. I didn't quite like the coolness and sterile sound of the toms, especially with the Evans G2 clear heads. What I did was imediately change the resonant heads to Evans G1 clear heads and this warmed up their sound just a bit. I didn't change them for any other reason than the quality of the drums sound. It seems that the thinner the resonant heads are, the cooler the sound. On my last batter head change, I'm trying Evans G2 coated batter heads. Doing this also warmed them up and focused the sound quite a bit.

Just something I forgot to add.

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