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Old 11-26-2010, 03:49 AM
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Default Bass drop trigger

I have been needing a trigger for a bass drop (808), something I hit with a stick. I have looked at the SPD-S, but I'm only in need of something for bass drops...so it would be a waste of money. I went to a Contagion Across The Nation tour stop the other night, and a bunch of drummers (for Chelsea Grin, Oceano, MyChildren MyBride and others) had a single pad, kinda looked like a snare or tom for an electric kit, just triggered to do a bass drop I got from Joey Sturgis. It was just midi-out into the venue's sound system. That's all I need.

Please refer me to any other threads, but all I can find is people suggesting the SPD-S.
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Default Re: Bass drop trigger

I'm assuming this is something you want to do live, so I'm approaching it from that angle. Any kind of drum trigger pad will do. I'm assuming whatever you have the 808 bass on is MIDI capable. That will have to connect to some other midi device with trigger inputs. This is usually some kind of drum brain (which quite possibly has your 808 bass sound on it). Alesis also makes some really affordable trigger interfaces that you could plug a pad into, and MIDI up with whatever has the sound you want. Of course, the outputs from the sound unit will go to your PA.

The SPD-S would work just fine for this too, but I can understand not wanting to do that because you just want one pad. But if one pad is all you need, you still need it. You could always assign other sounds to it for other songs. But anyway, that's how you could do it.
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