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Old 11-20-2010, 12:50 PM
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Default pedal adjustments for doubles

I just got a new Pearl Eliminator. Love the feel. Trying to get it adjusted right and looking for tips. One of my favorite grooves to play is where the kick hits on 1, the second - of the 16th note grouping starting on 2, and the first - and the + of the note grouping starting on 3. It's the double after three that I don't nail as consistently as I'd like to. I'm wondering if you guys have suggestions on pedal adjustments that might make that easier. Yeah, I know, "it's what feels right for you", but there have *got* to be some general principles that for the most part work that help nail doubles, especially those toughies preceded by an off beat.
Things like more or less spring tension, how far the beater is set back from the head, beater height, pedal height__all of these things have to have a general effect that can be identified. Thanks.
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Default Re: pedal adjustments for doubles

Unfortunately there's not a magic answer to tensions and settings, everyone's foot and idea of feel is completely different. Don't discount head tension either that has an effect. The other thing that will help you is practice, practice, practice. Work on nailing it at slower tempo's then start building up the speed.
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