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Old 11-16-2010, 11:26 PM
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Default my rehearsal/recording room (DIY style)

Maybe I'm wrong posting this here in the "gear" section, however, since this is not a general drumming discussion or some' like that, I am posting it here.

Recently I put some work into a lil' room to have my own rehearsing space. I am quite happy with the result (acoustic wise).

I thought this might be useful for others who are planning to build a "cheap" rehearsing space. Maybe this here will give you some ideas. It's all "DYI" style, kinda low budget. I used materials which are not as expensive as "pro" isolation.

I won't be able to upload all the pictures at once so I'll simply edit this post to add some more pictures. The picture quality is not that good because these were taken with an iphone.

Here we go:

Started work with some wood construction. You can see the "naked" room how I got it.

I decided to build this wood construction in order to put rockwool on the walls. First of all, I put the wood laths on the wall. The distance of the laths is almost equal to the length of a piece of rockwool (to squeeze them between the laths).

wood construction

A piece of (pretty thick) rockwool squeezed between the laths.

As soon as I was done with the wood construction, I put a lot of rockwool on the wall.

After that, I put some kind of special plastic wrap over the rockwool. As you all know you should not breathe in that rockwool fuzz.

Taping the wrap to make sure it is "leak-proof". As mentioned before, better no rockwool fuzz in the air.

Rockwool everywhere. In the middle of the room you can see some acoustic foam pieces. I put them on the ceiling

Me @ work

I decided to put black curtains on the walls... They're quite easy to attach. Simply put some "hook-nails" in the wood lath on the ceiling et voilą...

T.AKUSTIK SA-N30 convoluted foam on the ceiling. It's probably not the best foam however it's quite affordable. However, putting those foam squares on the ceiling was a big hassle! Tried several "ways" to put them up. First I tried to put them up with a tacker (stapler). It didn't work. So I tried several different glues. The one that worked the best was Eurosafe Special by Forbo (not sure if it was exatcly this one but it was one by Forbo). You have to make sure that the glue is solvent free (very important). The next problem I had, the foam squares got quite heavy when I spread the glue all over it. The dry period of the glue was like 30min. So I spread the glue on the foam square (using a lot of glue), waited for 25min until the glue was almost dry. Then put it up on the ceiling. I had to press the foam square for like 15min on the ceiling until it was really fixed. Some squares fell down because I did not press enough. It was a pain in the *ss, working "overhead" for such a long time. But in the end it was totally worth it. But as I said, this was the biggest effort of the whole process.

There was a glass window in the door. Not anymore... (anti-theft). It's not super safe but it's better than nothing..

Finished all the "isolation work"... Time for the carpet

getting ready to move the first few things...

almost done...

The whole building process took me about 2 months. Worked every evening/night and on the weekends. It was hella fun and as mentioned above, I'm very happy with it.

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Default Re: my rehearsal/recording room (DIY style)

Congrats!. It must be fun making you own jam room.
Especially when its done.
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Old 11-19-2010, 07:22 PM
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Default Re: my rehearsal/recording room (DIY style)

Nice pics. What type of foam are you placing on the ceiling and how are you attaching it?
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Old 11-20-2010, 12:00 PM
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Default Re: my rehearsal/recording room (DIY style)

Originally Posted by playItLikeThis View Post
Nice pics. What type of foam are you placing on the ceiling and how are you attaching it?
T.AKUSTIK SA-N30 convoluted foam. Attached it with glue (brand: Forbo). You can read a short explanation in my first, updated post.
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