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Old 11-11-2010, 06:24 AM
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Default Fixing up a used/abused Iron Cobra double pedal. Need some guidance.

I just noticed this:

The only piece I can find that looks like it might hold these 2 parts together is this little guy:

But it only takes care of one side, plus it easily falls back out.

I couldn't find this part of the connecting rod alone on Tama's parts website. A new Tama connecting rod will be $80 (that I'd rather not spend).

Alternatively, could I use the connecting rod from my cheapo Pacific Drum double pedal? Is there a big difference in performance or feel? Material-wise, it seems just as solid. The main diff is that the Iron Cobra rod is 3-piece (2 inner rods on either side of a larger tube) and the PD one is 2-piece (a longer inner rod on one side, and a tube on the other).

Also, the feet on the bottom were way off. I don't think the adhesive is as strong as it used to be, but I can't seem to peel it off the rubber.

How do I get them to stick better, and do I have to first remove the adhesive that's there now?

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Default Re: Fixing up a used/abused Iron Cobra double pedal. Need some guidance.

Try removing the glue with acetone then hot, soapy water. Gorilla glue, super glue, any tough glue should get those back on considering the old glue is removed from both surfaces.

I'd continue the search on the that screw (TAMA MS612SH??). Stop in to a Tama dealer and see if they can order one. Worse case, you find one at the hardware store that will work.

IMO, there's no real difference between your connecting rods. I actually disliked the 3 piece IC rod...one more part with more screws to fail. Most other brands are two. As long as your replacement isn't too heavy and doesn't have any play in it (grabbing each end and gently twisting in opposite directions), you should be fine. Solid is solid.
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Default Re: Fixing up a used/abused Iron Cobra double pedal. Need some guidance.

It should be possible to obtain a suitable bolt to go through there without having to replace it. You need a plain shank bolt made from hard steel and it should be a close fit in the hole. A bolt and washer will go on the other end and the unwanted portion cut off.

Alternatively you could try local engineering shops to see if anyone has a bolt that will screw straight in. Many engineering components are standard sizes and you might get lucky.
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