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Old 10-29-2010, 01:55 AM
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Default Should I upgrade pedals?

I'm currently using the Pearl P-122TW and they were pretty good for a while but they have started to bother me. The slave pedal is like harder to press down then the main one even if i change the spring tension. Right now I made the spring tension the same so when i hold them up to the head and let go they move at the same time but the left beater stops moving in like 2 seconds and the one of the right keeps going for a while. Is it supposed to be like that?

If I upgrade to Iron Cobras or axis pedals will it still be like this? And is there really a big difference between more expensive pedals like iron cobras or dw 9000's compared to my current pedals since they both aren't longboards and they are both chain driven?
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Default Re: Should I upgrade pedals?

Those pedals should be pretty solid. Sounds like the bearing nut might be too tight. I would try loosening them up, then re-tightening until theyre just snug.
Either that or maybe bring them back to where you got them and see what they have to say.
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