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Old 09-22-2010, 10:06 PM
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Default How to make amazing Isolation headphones

Hey guys, lets face it. Us drummers abuse our ears too much! I've definitly noticed Im starting to have hearing problems, so I decided I need some ear protection.

Ive had my eyes set on those Vic Firth Studio Headphones, but 65 is just too much for me just for headphones. So taking some advice I saw on a video, I made my very own pair of Isolation headphones! And I'd like to share with you how, I should have definitly taken pictures though.

You need a new things which are either, available right now, and are very cheap.

I reccomend these, theyre cheap and they have great ambient isolation!
Some overhead headphones, the smaller the better. (I strongly reccomend these as in ear can tend to be flimsy)
Variety of screwdrivers.
And maybe some scissors....

Its dead simple really, just dissasemble your headphones so only the speakers inside the headphones are thier, this may take alot of tinkering , I reccomend playback of something loud, if it goes silent, then you can undo your error. And if your headphones are rather bulky, I reccomend some scissors or other cutitng device to cut the excess plastic off. You only want the speaker.

Once its nicely cut, take apart your Howards or whatever muffs you have. You should hopefully be able to snugly fit them in, if not put a bit of force into getting it in, or go back over the plastic with some scissors.

Voila! Put the muffs backtogether and you should have some great Isolation headphones put together! It was definitly worth it as the whole process only cost me 5! And my ears will thank me, again sorry for lack of pictures.
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