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Old 09-21-2010, 12:04 AM
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Default Learning at buying gear for 14 year old drummer

I am a mom of a 14 year old drummer who is in a band that is good enough that people are donating money toward recording and they took 3rd place in Atlanta Fest on the the day they competed.
I am trying to get his gear up to speed as quickly as I can on the budget that I am operating from. Mostly good used equipment. It is time for an in ear wireless monitoring system. The other band members parents etc, are pushing toward a Audio technica M2. Ratings show it's good but is it the right one for the drummer? I don't understand the L band vs M band and I they want to use a click track which I assume is not part of the unit when you buy it.
How does it attach and what are my choices. I don't know if the needs for the drummer vary from the others, etc. Some help sorting through the strange terminolgy would be great.
Thanks in advance!
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Old 09-21-2010, 06:09 AM
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Default Re: Learning at buying gear for 14 year old drummer

the audiotechnica's would be great for a drummer. i think you should also look at the shure equivilant though (psm200 if i recall correctly).

i have no idea about the bands

the click track comes from a metronome. you can get metronomes for pretty cheap. the highest quality ones come at about $100~$120, but they start at around $30. also if you are running any of this into a laptop or even an iphone through a mixer you can have the IEMS plugged into the mixer to control how much of the band you want in your phones and you can also run a metronome (via laptop/iphone or actual metronome) into the mixer and control how much click you want.
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Old 09-22-2010, 05:32 AM
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Default Re: Learning at buying gear for 14 year old drummer


My 15-year old son is the drummer in One Step Away, (myspace.com/1stepawayband) a very good young band. I'm not a musician, but enjoy the tech aspects so have dealt with the equipping the young drummer to conquer the world situation.

One Step Away plays with Shure wireless in-ears (and a direct wired vesion to my son) for backing track, stage mix and click. They also use wireless mics for lead vocal and wireless instrument mic for bass player (to maximize jumpability!). So for a young band, some sophisticated gear.

Based on our experience I say the drummer does not need the expensive Audio Technica (or Shure equivalent) ($400 to $600) unless he roams the stage! I assume he sits at a kit right? In that case, he needs some good in ear monitors (basically good quality earbuds) and a direct cable feed from the mixer (not wireless) or from the Ipod or computer with the click tracks. He can add an intermediate mixer next to his drum set ($40 to $50) to allow him to raise lower volume or ratio of sound from stagemix to recorded click track.

My son uses Shure SCL-3 monitors (were $200, we got for $100 on clearance) or Shure SE 115s ($100 store, $80 online) with foam eartips. He likes these and the really block out sound. You'll find good reviews for each. The mixer could be a Behringer Micromix or Nady equivalent ($40 each) or a small Allesis unit. Add a long cable ($10 - $20) to reach the stage side mixer or snake and you'll have spent only $150.

A bit more explanation of the "click." As mentioned, it is a like a metronome, but is recorded for each song at a different speed. So a pattern of beeps or clicks that sets the pace for the drummer and then the whole band. One Step Away has this recorded onto an iPod touch in stereo. (One channel has the click that goes to the drummer and the other channel has the synth intro/backing tracks that sometimes goes to the main mixer. These were extracted from their CD sessions by a band member in Pro-Tools.)

Good luck,

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