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Old 09-04-2010, 03:05 AM
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Default Help with tom hardware

I have an 8" that I'm trying to get a little closer to me. What hardware do I need? I have 8,10, and 12 rack toms. I use a Pearl rack. I've attached a pic of the clamp I am using. I can't really bring the rack bar closer to me or angle it as it will screw everything else up.
The pic is not of my kit but you get the idea. See how this guy's smaller tom is right by his snare? That's what I want. My tom is more like the solid gray circle and the red bar represents the extesion of the rack.
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Default Re: Help with tom hardware

Make the shape of the tom setup kinda like that... that's my kit, a semi-circle sort of thing. Brings them in closer and you still play basically straight across the toms if you do quick rolls down. Brings everything in tighter, too.
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Default Re: Help with tom hardware

It seems to me as if there are more limitations concerning different ways to set-up a kit when using racks as opposed to stands. I've used racks but always preferred stands because of the way I position my drums and cymbals. This is how I have some of my 7 piece kits arranged. Maybe you can come off the hi hat with a clamp for your 8" tom. On these pictures I have my 8" tom mounted on my left hand ride cymbal stand in a very easy to play "semi" circle.

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