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Old 09-02-2010, 04:44 AM
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Default Expressive Drumming, ever come across this?

Okay, first and foremost:


This is kind of a Meg White discussion, but only slightly.

This is the final track on Slipknot's album Vol. 3(The Subliminal Verses). The album in general is typical of a metal album, angry and crazy, with triple F dynamics and distorted guitars, the kinda stuff Polly would turn her nose up at(Not trying to insinuate anything). But when you reach the end, this starts to play, and the pure calm and odd serenity sets in.

I find it difficult to drum in these situations, and maybe that's just my style, but I'm glad the drums are there for this. It adds an expressiveness to the song that allows it to flow more easily, gives it a sense of structure. I don't think I could immediately hear a track like this without drums and think up a drum part, which makes me sad, but I suppose that's part of learning.

How do you guys tackle stuff like this? Is it something you come across often?

And please, before commenting, listen to the video. It's not going to make your ears divorce with the sides of your head.
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Old 09-02-2010, 07:36 AM
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Default Re: Expressive Drumming, ever come across this?

Not every song needs drums played through the entire song, and some songs don't need drums at all. It's all good, and not that unusual.

Of course it may be unusual for Slipknot, and that may be precisely why they recorded it that way - to get the listener's attention. Or possibly to show that they can have a softer side. Either way, I don't think the sporadic drumming is an issue, it sounds right to me.

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Default Re: Expressive Drumming, ever come across this?

I came across this a few times in my last group, they had a few ballads and such. Personally ballads have always bored me, even before I was a drummer. Shoot, before I was a musician. My first experience playing drums in a group was at my last church so there were a lot of slower songs. I suppose this gave me a firm foundation for how to play to a ballad and not overplay.

The most important thing I learned from this setting was that it's ok to NOT play if the song doesn't need drums. I'm no Meg White :-P
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