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Old 06-15-2010, 05:55 AM
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Default Discontinued DW 5700L Cymbal Boom Stand


Does anyone know (e.g. has informed or insider information) about why DW has discontinued the DW 5700L Lightweight Cymbal Boom Stand? My guess is that they already have the DW 7700 and DW 6700 lightweight cymbal boom stands and they did not want to dilute their offerings which complicates their manufacturing efforts.

I just bought the DW 5700L Lightweight Cymbal Boom Stand rather than the DW 7700 or the DW 6700 lightweight cymbal boom stands to put an AAX El Sabor Picante Hand Crash for my conga setup. I hope I made the right decision.

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Default Re: Discontinued DW 5700L Cymbal Boom Stand

Too many similar items is why.

I have a few of the single (7000), and the double brace "light" stands and really, they weigh basically the same. I was kind of surprised actually. Seems like ounces apart.
The 7000 stands are very sturdy.

The double braced light stand they have now is the same stand except for the tilter which is a generic type.

The only difference in those stands between a boom and a straight is the nylon insert for the straight (1/2" top) is a 1/2" opening and the boom has a 5/8ths opening for the boom piece and to fit the 1/2 rod.

The rest of the stand is the same.

My 5000TL (light two leg) hi-hat stand is now a 3500T. Same stand, different number and I got them in '08.

Your stand is what DW always had as the tubing on the 9000 series until a year or so ago when they went bigger, with the 9 & 8000 series. They created new lower number series designations for the smaller tubing (more products!!!).

I play in rock bands, and sometimes the playing is pretty heavy, and I use the 6000 flat base stands. I don't have any problem with them at all.
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