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Default My 8pc Strong and True Beauty (picture heavy)

well, i have the pics so why not share them...? :p

specs (subjected to change at any moment without notice):

Pacific Drums and Percussion FS Series 100% Birch Shells kit:
8"x7" Rack Tom
10"x8" Rack Tom
12"x9" Rack Tom
14"x12" Suspended Floor Tom
16"x14" Floor Tom
22"x18" Kick Drum
Custom Snare Drums:
10"x6" 6ply Maple Side Snare
14"x5.750" 1ply Steambent Bubinga Main Snare

Aquarian Z100 Coated on 10" Snare (Batter), Evans Hazy 300 (Snare)
Aquarian Studio X on 14" Snare (Batter), Evans Hazy 300 (Snare)
Aquarian Studio X on 8",10" & 12" Toms (Batter), stock PDP head (Reso)
Aquarian Performance II on 14" & 16" Toms (Batter), stock PDP head (Reso)
Aquarian Force I on kick (Batter), Aquarian Regulator (Reso)

(Left to Right)
10" Saluda Hihat with 4 rivets on bottom cymbal (Diamond)
20" Saluda Left Side Ride (Diamond)
14" Saluda Hihat (Glory)
12" Saluda China (Diamond)
10" Saluda Stacks - 8" top 10" bottom (Mist X)
8" Saluda Splash (Ion V)
17" Saluda Crash (Mist X)
16" Saluda Crash (Mist X)
8" Saluda Bell-Hat (Diamond)
22" Zildjian K Custom Ride
16" Saluda China (Diamond)
13" Zildjian Avedis Mastersound Hihat
10" Saluda Splash (Mist X)

Gibraltar Intruder Double Pedal
Gibraltar 9600 Series and Ultra Adjust Hihat Stands
Gibraltar Road Series Custom Rack

my video setup ready to go

front view

the pies

the rack

bird's eye view

check out my setup video here

more photos on my facebook page


Check out exclusive photos on Facebook and my drum covers and related videos on YouTube
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