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Old 05-15-2010, 03:17 AM
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Default New Heads?

Ok, new to the board but of course have been checking it out for the last month or so. Cannot say how impressed I am with the wealth of info.

Will explain in more detail latter my history with drumming.

For the time being, I have pulled out an old set of Ludwig Rockers from 1989. Have not played in over (20) years now. Before, was very active and in bands. Grade School band, High School marching band,etc...

Now I have enough money to pretty much buy any kind of kit I like. Noble & Cooley, DW, GMS- etc.... I just will not be playing out live (anytime soon)...probably never. Just keeping the kit set up in the house (for now)...

However, I am going to hold onto these Ludwig Rockers. They sound pretty decent and are actually a pretty decent drum. No, really. I have set these up in a very un-traditional way and hope to post pic's soon.

So, the drums had some Remo Ebony Pin Stripes and the Ludwig clear Rockers head on reso side.

The heads are in pretty good condition. My guess though would be with them being 20 plus years old it's time to change them out. Agree?

I have changed the bottom reso head to Attack single ply clears. They were priced very nice. They really opened up the tom's and added more sustain and made the toms a little louder..

Now, the kit black (and yes I am stuck in the 80's) so I want to go back with the Remo Ebony Pin Stripes.

The current heads I have had a problem with getting a clean sound. Yes, 20 year old heads.

I did buy S-Hoops for the top of the toms and that really added more focus to the toms. Best $18.00 per rim I ever spent.

So I have three questions:

1)Would adding S-Hoops to the bottom of the toms add any additional benefits?

2) I bought a drum dial. Is there a standard setting you would go with for the top
head and then bottom head? I tried going 70 on the top heads and 75 on the bottom.
Not to happy with the sound. Top head tigher than bottom or bottom head tighter
than top head. A little insight?

3) What type of head/s would you go with. These are the power toms. Very deep

Basically, best combo to go with on the toms.

I put an Evans GMAD on the bass drum and "look out John Bonham" the things
sounds so deep and thumping.

Any help on this one please?

Thanks Fellow Drummers!

Tully Lee
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Old 05-15-2010, 04:30 AM
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Default Re: New Heads?


20 yo heads probably need replacing. With the power toms I don't have much experience. We had a kit at school with them and they sounded nasty, but that's because we only played jazz on it.

Some guys on here might have some advice for drum dial settings.

Here's a really great tuning resource if you don't mind the reading. It will give you a good primer on the basics: http://home.earthlink.net/~prof.sound/
I make music here: Another White Suburbanite, and here: Finlay Fields
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