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Old 04-05-2010, 10:11 PM
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Default Drum Rack Help and Info

I am starting to gig more and more. I am tired of about 20 trips to the car and back to get out my stuff and taking a long time to set it up. I just bought a 3 sided Pearl Rack - PEARL DR503.

1) Will it even fit in my car? I have a Honda Accord
2) Will it be too heavy to carry all the arms and stuff on?
3) Can/should I really use the left side of the rack or just use the front and the right?
4) Can I mount my floor toms to the rack? They already have legs but I am trying to save setup/tear down time. But, I don't want to do anything screwy w/ my nice drums. The floor toms are not meant to be hung.
5) Are there benefits to going to a rack - i.e. did I do the right thing?

I've included a pic of my setup. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Right now, each cymbal has its own double-braced Mapex cymbal stand. The two toms are mounted on top of the kick. I have a Saturn Series so I can remove the mounting hardware and have a virgin kick.

I believe the rack already has 2 built in boom arms on the front part of the rack. Think of it as a letter 'H' with and arm at the top of each side of the 'H'. Also, if the front part of the rack is too wide, can you cut it to make it more narrow?
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Old 04-06-2010, 12:55 AM
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Default Re: Drum Rack Help and Info

You might want to look at a hardware case with wheels. Even with a rack it would probably be a great thing to have to carry all of your hardware.
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Old 04-06-2010, 03:58 AM
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Default Re: Drum Rack Help and Info

well if you've already bought it then now is probably not the time to be asking those questions, tends to help to ask then buy ;-)

Not sure how you are carrying all your current setup but I fit all my hardware into a rolling trap case and when I say all I mean when I take my full kit 9 drums 8 cymbals.

Now to your questions

Will it fit in your car? Probably not assembled and most likely not with any of the arms on it.

If it were me I would have condensed the number of cymbal stands by going with two hole receiver posts and flying two cymbals off of one stand or using clamps and boom arms.

As for your floor toms, if they aren't designed to be hung I wouldn't mess with them, honestly I don't see how you will save anytime during setup if they are hanging, I've never found that it takes that long to extend three legs on a ft
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Default Re: Drum Rack Help and Info

I don't have an Icon rack but I have a pretty involved rack setup, and a station wagon. So based on that:

1) If you fold it or disassemble it (not sure which rack you have), and leave nothing but the clamps on it, probably yes. Bare rack tubes slide under seats or up the sides of loaded cases and generally can fit in tight quarters. I can't load my rack with anything more than clamps on it in my station wagon with the back seats down and a kit similar in size to yours, so I think you won't fit your rack in an Accord with much attached to it.

2) Since you already bought the thing, try it. What I do is set up two side racks that can be assembled offstage and carried by two people on and offstage. This helps with a quick loadon and loadout, and the time spent on setup and teardown is not on stage. Even my snare in mounted on one of my rack feet.

3) Depends on your situation, space, and whether or not you need those components for that gig.

4) If your floor toms are not rack mounts, don't even bother. You gain nothing. Get some of those Pearl air pocket feet instead.

5) There are many benefits. As I stated before, an intelligently designed rack setup can shorten your actual setup time on stage, leaving you more valuable minutes for your minute adjustments, soundchecks, getting a bottle of water, etc. It also has the benefit of staying the same night after night, time after time, especially if you use memory locks or similar means to get the holders in the clamps the same way every time. I have found that the larger your drumkit, it begins to be a difference of five to ten minutes when you set up stands versus racks from scratch. But as I mentioned before, if you plan it right, you can set most of your stuff up offstage, lift it into place, and have far more time to prepare yourself, versus spending that time frantically trying to get that last cymbal in place as the guitar player is counting off the first tune.
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