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Old 03-26-2010, 06:06 AM
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Default Gretsch Renowned Maple Head ?

Looking for advice on if Remo or Evans heads sound better on renowned maple kit. Heard from long time player that renowned maple kits will sound better using evans heads. I am using remo clear emporer on top and clear ambassador on bottom toms and can't quite get the mufled sound I am looking for. Using moon gel helps some but I thought i could get this sound without using it.Have 8,10,12,14,16 rack mounted toms..

Relativley new to tuning also so any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated...


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Default Re: Gretsch Renowned Maple Head ?

Originally Posted by 14vision View Post
Heard from long time player that renowned maple kits will sound better using evans heads.
I've gotta be honest here mate and say that what I think the long term player was saying is "I prefer Evans heads on a Renowned Maple kit". Evans are NOT suited to a particular set of drums and Remo ONLY work well for other sets.......that's total rubbish.......it's all preferance.

FWIW, I think the heads you're currently using will sing on that set of drums. You say you're new to tuning......THAT'S the issue mate....not the brand of heads.

Tuning in itself is an art form and like all other aspects concerning drumming, it takes practice, patience and repetion to get right. Do a search on tuning on these forums, Google "The Tuning Bible" and do a youtube search for Bob Gatzen tuning vids. Follow the instructions given, the rest comes down to practice and trial and error.

That said, if you really want a "muffled" sound, then perhaps consider some pre-muffled batter heads.....either Evans OR Remo OR Aquarian all make pre-muffled heads and all brands will be fine.

Very best of luck to you....but don't fall for the nonsense....your choice of heads is solid and WILL give you a sweet sound on your Renowns.....you've just gotta practice tuning 'em.


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Default Re: Gretsch Renowned Maple Head ?

My Renowns came from the factory with Evans G2 clear batter heads on the toms, The resonant heads didn't have any logos on them so I'm not sure of their manufacturer, but I do know that they were thin (7 mil) heads. I kept the Evans G2s on he toms because I liked the way they sounded on some of my other kits. I did replace the resonant heads with Evans G1 clear heads which gave me a slightly better low frequency response to the toms. You should be able to get the same sound using the equivalent Remo heads (Emperor over Ambassador) on the Renowns. As Pocket-full-of-gold stressed, tuning is what really matters with any make of drum and with any make of drum heads. If I were you, I would make an attempt to get professional instructions on how to tune your kit from a reputable drum instructor or from someone you know that is capable of teaching this art to you. The tuning of drums is basically the number one frustration of drummers from novice to some pros. One to one instructions is much better than what you can get from the Internet because of the subtleties that are involved. In a nut shell you need to learn how to listen, what to listen for and how to achieve it.

Good luck, you'll love the Renowns.
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