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Default Cheap DIY practice pad

All you need for this toy is a piece pf plastic, an old mouse pad, some glue and a piece of cloth.

I take no responsibility for any kind of injuries anyone might get by using any kind of tools or materials to do any of the stuff explained here!

Here's a short step-by-step:

Take the mouse ad you're going to use. I used this prehistoric pad I've airbrushed once:

Place the desired piece of plastic over the pad and outline it with a pen or whatever works for you:

Cut the pad on the lines using a carpeter blade or something similiar. I guess scisors would do as well lol...

This is what you should end up with:

Glue the pad to the plastic using some glue (I used super-fast-drying glue):

Put some drops of glue on the pad and wrapp it up in the cloth you desire:

That's about it. In about 10 minutes of work you should end up with a practice pad looking a bit like this:

You can wrap the longer ends f the cloth arround your leg and tie it, so the pad doesn't move as you play on it.

Ideal for practicing at 3:00 when the word arround you is asleep... :D
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