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Old 02-28-2010, 10:24 AM
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Default Larry Bunker

Hi , Im a jazz drummer from Barcelona , Id like to see if anyone have information about this incredible drummer ( percussionist and vibraphonist ) : Larry Bunker.

Larry is muy favourite brush player , in my opinion his level was much more high than the other Bill Evans drummers , his tempo , swing and drive and dynamics was incredible ( his use of hi hat ) and his solos very musical and cool . If you compare the record "Bill Evans Trio at Shelly Mannes Hole " (1963 with Larry Bunker and Chuck Israels) with the record "Kelly at midnite" (1960 with paul chambers and the great Philly Jones ) you see that the stuff that plays Philly Joe , especially in the solos is RIDICULOUS compared with the solos of Larry Bunker , very modern for that epoque .. I think Larry Bunker never got the recognition he deserved .

Ive transcrived several solos of him and compings with sticks and with brushes , some of them are really difficult ( there is a solo with Shorty Rodgers on a tune called "Martians go Home ! " that is really crazy but very cool ) and id like to interchange information with other drummers.


Javi .
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