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Old 02-02-2010, 06:24 AM
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Default Another bass head question...

Good day all,

Down to the nitty-gritty: I'm a noob with Tama ImpStar kit. The skins on the 2'2''' bass are stock except the fella I bought it from ported the front head...yikes. I play a lot of classic rock usually but I am new to this so I think versatility would be the main goal here so...what should I buy for the batter and what would look and sound good for the reso side? I don't perform either so I assume there's no need for a mic port, right?
Thanks again.
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Default Re: Another bass head question...

I'd say there's no need for a port for micing purposes since you're not performing- you may want one if your BD sound ends up too boomy in your practice space though. If your batter is a PS3-like head with the built-in muffling ring, get a PS3 [or whatever the Evans equivalent is called] for the reso, no port. Tighten both heads maybe a full turn above finger-tight. Add an offset [i.e. not centered] port if it's too boomy. Replacing the stock batter with a PS3 should bring even more improvement.
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Default Re: Another bass head question...

If it's an 18x22 kick, ....a great combo is Aquarian; Super Kick 2, with a Resonator reso (ported will give you a bit drier sound and help in your "space" for boominess as Tim pointed out) ....but, ....great combo, and no other muffling should be needed ....
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