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Default My official DW9000 double pedal review

I purchased my 9000's around 5 months ago and must say that right out of the box I was quite impressed. I loved the adjustable cam and the simplicity of adjusting the spring tension. I also liked the look and style of it. It was smooth, fast and had a very powerful punch due to the heavy beaters. BUT, this pedal had many flaws that (in my opinion) could have been avoided by a better design. First of all. the springs are located on the inside of the main pedal, making it VERY difficult to use the Heel-Toe technique, or if you have larger feet. Second, the weight of the pedal was a problem for me. It had a slower rebound due to the overall weight of the footboard. I must say, This is by far the best high-end double pedal I have owned and would recommend it to anyone who has looked into it. It is extremely adjustable, therefore Im sure that if I had taken the time tinker with it I would have made it perfect for me. Not cheap, but its worth it if you can afford it!!!! The last thing I have to say....If you play very fast double bass, the telescopic linkage rod WILL BEND if you are a consistent, hard hitter... I have replaced mine with the Heavy-Duty ball bearing linkage rod

I hope this helps anybody who has been looking into this double pedal.....
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