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Old 11-29-2009, 10:17 AM
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Default Hornet Drumsticks?

I'm trying out alot of different sticks right now to see how different they feel and which ones I prefer the most and I stumbled on a set of these over the internet. I was wondering: Has anyone on here played them with them? How do they feel compared to Vic Firth 5A's or any other stick?

They seem to me like grippin them would be strange at first, and maybe even the balance of them in your hands?

Thank you for any replies.
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Default Re: Hornet Drumsticks?

I started to buy of few pairs of Hornet 5A's at the beginning of the year. After a short time the tips on the sticks started to chip badly and I'm not a heavy hitter, most of the time I play with 7A sticks. They do balance well in my hands, but for $13 USD a pair, they should last a bit longer. I never had stick chip like this in my 49 years behind drums.

Here's what I'm talking about. As you can see the rest of the sticks are in great condition. When the tips are gone, so is any cymbal articulation. I have a couple of pairs left and when they chip, I'm no longer buying Hornets.

My girlfriend found an interesting use for the broken sticks.

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Default Re: Hornet Drumsticks?

Nothing like a woman's touch around the house. Adding color is a wonderful thing..I would find the email addy of the manufacture and send them these same photos. Maybe they will compensate with a pair or two of free ones.

The manufacturer is Kingfield Wood Products. They previously made Vic Firth sticks.

1-888-KWP-WOOD, or at 207-265-2151
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Default Re: Hornet Drumsticks?

Below are a couple of posts from the thread titled "Jazz Sticks". I cannot address the issue of the tips chipping as I haven't had mine long but I do like the feel of them so far. Hope this helps.

Originally Posted by vegassuper
Steamer, thanks for the info on the Hornets I ordered a pair of 5A and 7A raw. I will post some feedback when I get to try them out. Thanks again.

Received these yesterday and spent a couple of hours practicing with the 7A's this morning. My initial impression is good. They feel very good in my hands. I play mostly traditional grip but I switch to matched if playing something involving a lot of tom work. These sticks are comfortable with either grip. The design pretty much determines for you where to hold them and they are well balanced when held there. They only make them with a ball tip but since that is what I prefer it works out just fine. The rubber o-rings on the butt end are mainly for vibration reduction but they work well as mallets on the cymbals. For reference I have been using Vic Firth Peter Erskine sticks with a ball tip. The tip on the Hornets is a larger diameter so I get a little more sound with them which could be good or bad I guess. I try to play with a very relaxed loose grip and sometimes get annoyed with traditional sticks sliding up or down in my hands. The contours on the Hornet sticks seem to eliminate that issue. Overall I am very pleased with them. If I am still pleased with them a few weeks from now I will feel better about spending the extra money.

Thanks to Steamer for pointing me in this direction.

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Old 11-30-2009, 06:11 PM
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Default Re: Hornet Drumsticks?

Actually durability has been one of the strong points with them since using them almost exclusively for just about a year now. Took months for my first pair of Hornets Raw 7A's tip to finally start chipping at one of the tips. The Raw model are made of high grade hickory I was told. After a few months of steady use for gigs, sessions, reh.'s and such I took the pair into the local distributors location to show him how well that first pair had stood up. One small chip missing on one tip of the pair. At that point in time the body of each stick where still in decent shape. This first pair finally had to be put to bed when the wood starting to splint open at the grain lines after about 4 months of steady use. Since then i've added the slightly beefier Raw 5A model into the mix alternating for certain live gigs and rec. sessions and such between these and the 7A's. I'm not a particularly light jazz player for reference by any stretch too. Maybe the Raw high grade hickory model stand up better than the maple ones {?} All I use is the hickory Raws so can't share any experience with the other maple based ones. Anyways owner experience as you can see is quite varied on them....

This is just side talk since I covered in greater detail why I got hooked on the Hornets to begin with the all important design factors in the "Jazz Sticks" thread as vegassuper has pointed out. Love them!

And no i'm not a paid spokesman or official endorser just a very happy user who is thankful I was turned onto this "perfect in my hands" feeling sticks that also deliver a great sound on drum or cymbal.
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