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Old 10-23-2009, 12:52 AM
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Default Triggering my acoustic kit


In another thread, I'm talking about my old drumkit that I'm refinishing. Now, because it is such a horrible kit, and because selling it would only be fair at a price you can buy a pair of shoes with, I've decided to trigger the entire kit.

It is a 5-piece, and it won't be used as an acoustic kit anymore.

I've already somewhat decided I'm going to use an Alesis trigger I/O. For now I can use an old laptop and next summer I'll have my Macbook pro.

That decided, what I need are triggers.

Do note: I'm on a tight budget.

Now, I started doing some research, and it turns out Belgium isn't the place to be if you want to trigger an acoustic kit.

On ebay, I've found the Roland cone-shaped triggers, for $15 per piece, and apparently, a shipping fee of $9.50 (from what I understand for the entire package, not per piece)
The triggers are already connected to a 1/4" stereo female jack.
I can build brackets for them and mount them inside the toms.

Another option I looked into, are the Drumdial triggers.
You can order a set of 5 from their site for $40. Unfortunately, If you want them shipped to Europe, you pay $90 shipping costs.
I found someone who offered them at the normal retail price on ebay, but the shipping costs are unknown. I've contacted him to find out.

Other options are the ddrum triggers. The pro versions are too expensive, the other ones seem to be a good deal in America, but in Europe, as always, it is alot more expensive (€24-26/piece - > $35-40)

What would you suggest?

I think the Roland cone shaped triggers are a good deal, but if the drumdial triggers ship for cheap, they are a really easy and cheap solution.

The Rolands would eventually cost me $84.50, if all goes well. That is a little more than €55.
If the Drumdials ship for the same price, they cost $49.49, a little more than €33

I'm not mentioning cymbals, because for now I won't need them. I planning to use the kit, or parts of the kit, as an add-on to my current kit, to create some cool effects or to use different sounds.

I gan also 'easily' get my hands on the acutal triggers ddrum uses. I can order them from a well known, huge music store in Germany.

They are €9.90/piece ($15) and shipping is only €8 ($13) or free if I have an order total of more then €100 ($150).

Perhaps I can glue those to the bottom side of my (mesh) heads? or isn't that going to work?

Bytheway, is there any significant difference between different brands of mesh heads, or will any mesh head do?
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