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Default Buying new heads

I just bought a used Tama Swingstar 5 piece kit, real nice shape but its got the original "Tama Fuzzy 200" batter head which i believe is a remo head? and an unmarked reso head on the back.. There is 1 to 2 dings in the reso head which leads me to believe he was tuning them a little aggressively... I have been working on tuning these drums and they just dont sound good to me. They only sound decent tuned medium/high and lots of over tons. So my first thought is the drum heads probably need to be changed. I have been researching the Remo and Aquarian line, but every company seems to have something comparable to each other.. At this point i cant afford trying a million new heads so i was hoping someone on here has found a sweet drum head for their tama swingstar.. Im going to be playing rock and i like the sound of Brann Dailor's kit (mastodon) Tim "Herb" Alexander's kit (Primus) Danny Carrey's kit(Tool ) i love a real thick full sounding tom.

As of now im looking at:

Pinstripe/Ambassador for the toms
Evans EMAD 2 for the bass
Undecided for the snare, maybe an
Evans Power Center Reverse dot?


Evans G2/G1 on the toms

Any help with this would be great

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Default Re: Buying new heads

I am currently using G2 coated over G1 on my toms, and an Evans Genera HD Dry on the snare. I am about to order the new EC2 SST series heads for the tom batters.
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Default Re: Buying new heads

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
I am currently using G2 coated over G1 on my toms, and an Evans Genera HD Dry on the snare. I am about to order the new EC2 SST series heads for the tom batters.
Those SST heads are a severe improvement over the old version heads. A buddy of mine got a random (well he has yet to explain how he got it) 10" rack tom and he put the new clear EC2 over a clear G1 and damn does it sound nice. Better than the old version that I have on my 16". I'm just wondering if the coated version is up to par.
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