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Old 10-07-2009, 02:55 PM
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Default Which DBL pedal is better

I have a chance to buy a LM812FPR Double Bass Drum Pedal or an Iron Cobra dbl, I've heard really good things about the Ludwig and the IC well its an Iron Cobra... any help?
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Default Re: Which DBL pedal is better

I can't vouch for the Ludwig pedal but the Iron Cobra is rock solid, well made and feels good. I haven't heard anyone say their IC has fallen apart no matter how much they play it.
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Default Re: Which DBL pedal is better

Go for the Iron Cobra. I see dozens of professional drummers using them on tour, in clubs, etc. I have never seen one professional drummer, even one who endorses Ludwig, using Ludwig pedals.

On top of which, I have not seen a drum company with less innovation in its hardware line over the past ten years than Ludwig.
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Default Re: Which DBL pedal is better

This would be a no brain er decision for me, the Iron Cobras. I bought my IC Power glide pedals a year and a half ago, and although I really don't use double bass very often, I've never had a problem with them. In fact, I own three Iron Cobra pedals and the material and workmanship on the pedals are great. Another great pedal I would recommend is the Yamaha double chain/belt drive, but I'm not sure that comes in a double version since I use the single.

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